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Welcome to Rosenbloom Religious School

  • Here, we engage students and their families in the rituals, texts, and values of the Jewish people.
  • Here, our students are set on a path toward a personal relationship with God, Judaism, and the Jewish community.
  • Here, we emphasize the arts as a way of exploring and interacting with the riches of our tradition.
  • Here, learning takes place beyond the walls of the classroom; learning is both formal and informal.

Let’s see how…

The front door

Our teachers and administrators greet the students each day as they arrive, teaching the Jewish values of Kabbalat Panim (greeting with a cheerful disposition) and Hakhnasat Orhim (hospitality), reflecting our philosophy of teaching values through action. When our parents and other special guests visit, our students take the opportunity to do these mitzvot themselves! Jewish values are integrated into and evident in all that we do. With this in mind, we encourage the members of our community to talk and act toward each other as mensches, a Yiddish word for people of integrity and honor. As our students will tell you, a mensch does the following:

Make good choices over bad
Extend respect to everyone
Never speak badly about anyone
See what should be done, and do it
Consider the ideas and feelings of others
Have a heart and good humor for all

The Gym

The gym is full of shouts, energy and fun. At Rosenbloom Religious School, our students build life-long friendships. Shabbatonim (overnights) for elementary school students and school trips combine community building and learning with active play.

The Art Studio, Music Room, and Stage

The arts are a key to unlocking the meaning and beauty of our holidays, texts, stories, rituals, and prayers.  Our integrated arts curriculum and teaching artists create activities and projects to inspire the imaginations of our students.

The Auditoriums:

At Rosenbloom Religious School, each class is part of a larger grade community, the entire school, and the synagogue. In our various auditoriums we gather together for many special events: speakers, tzedakah and gemilut hasadim projects, plays, music, holiday celebrations, and milestones. For example, in past years we gathered for the premiere showing of the “Israel Shake,” our original rap video celebrating Israel’s 65th birthday. In addition, the school came together as one to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We are a community that shares our joys and sorrows, and deals with real life issues.

The Classroom

Our teachers are the key to the success of Rosenbloom Religious School. They create the nurturing, educational environment that defines our school. Their lessons strive to engage the whole person — the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual side of every individual. Our classrooms bubble with spontaneity, lively open discussions, hands-on learning, creative activities, and the joy of learning to read Hebrew. At Rosenbloom Religious School our teens also become madrikhim (classroom aides) and accessible role models, helping in our classrooms and tutoring our younger students.

The Sanctuary

Rosenbloom Religious School is not just located within Chizuk Amuno, it is integrally connected to the congregation. “Chizuk Amuno” means “strong faith,” and strong faith is what we hope will take root in the children who come to our school. Strong faith comes through learning and living, repetition and familiarity. We teach our children to become confident and comfortable in synagogue prayer and home ritual and to feel at home in the special spaces of the synagogue. Many of our students also join us on Saturday mornings and take leadership roles in the Family Service. Many of our parents attend our Sunday family programs to connect to the curriculum and bring home activities to do with their kids.

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