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We want to keep the college-age children of our members connected to synagogue life, even when they’re away at school. Interested college students and high school seniors getting ready for college life can sign up to be part of the College Outreach Committee. Parents can also sign up their kids!

Campus Visits

We invite current college students to sign up to be a campus host for any Chizuk Amuno high school students who may be visiting your school. Current students will get in touch with you before the visit to set up a meet and greet on campus. A familiar face, you can also serve as a great source of insider information for students and their families.

Stay Connected

Besides receiving a Jewish nudge every once in a while, and being reminded that we’re thinking of you, as a college student you’ll receive holiday packages on Hanukkah, Passover and Rosh HaShanah.

Sign Up

If you are interested in staying in touch with Chizuk Amuno while you are away at college and receiving holiday packages and birthday greetings, then please fill out the the form below.



Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784