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Join us in singing to God a new song‭ (‬Psalm 96‭) ‬as we welcome nationally-renowned musicians and spiritual leaders to the‭ ‬ Chizuk Amuno community‭.

As our singing community continues to expand, we are excited to share that in the upcoming months, we will be welcoming highly acclaimed guest Cantors and Song Leaders to our congregation. Each of the distinguished artists will guide us in their unique style through sessions, classes, and prayer experiences. This presents a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in a diverse spectrum of Jewish music. We invite you to join us on this melodic journey, bound to fill our souls and move our spirits.  

Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer
December 15-17, 2023
As Rabbi-Hazzan of The Kitchen in San Francisco, Rabbi-Co-Music Director at Romemu in NYC, and most recently as Rosh Tefillah (head of prayer) at Hebrew College in Boston, Rabbi Meyer has built community through soulful prayer and song. She has inspired people of all religious and music backgrounds to find their voice in prayer and to attune their ears in listening.

Friday, December 15  • 6 p.m.
Shir Shabbat with the Shir Shabbat Band (casual attire welcomed) Hors d'oeuvres, wine and conversation • 5:30 p.m.
Shabbat service for all ages • 6 p.m.
Join us for a spirited, one-hour service filled with singing, clapping, and great music featuring our special guest, Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer. Services will be followed by a community Shabbat dinner. Open to all synagogue members, Goldsmith Early Childhood Center, Krieger Schechter Day School, and Rosenbloom Religious School families.

Register for dinner online here.

Shabbat, December 16
Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer will give the d'var Torah and lead Musaf during Shabbat morning services.

Havdalah, and song and study session • 5 p.m.

Rabbi Benjamin Shalva
January 22 & 29, 2024
Rabbi Benjamin Shalva is a poet, musician, and hospice chaplain. His poetry and prose have appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Image, and Spirituality & Health Magazine. Join him on zoom for Musical Midrash: Their Stories, Their Songs as he explores a series of original midrashic folk songs about the lives and stories of Biblical heroes and the potential of music and lyrics to deepen our experience of Torah.


Dr. Eliezer Diamond
February 2-4, 2024

Dr. Eliezer Diamond is the Rabbi Judah Nadich Associate Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at The Jewish Theological Seminary. The author of Holy Men and Hunger Artists: Fasting and Asceticism in Rabbinic Culture, Dr. Diamond has written on prayer, asceticism, and issues of environmental law and ethics. A spirtitual leader, Dr. Diamond, will be serving as our shaliach tzibur (prayer leader) and bringing his unique melodies to Chizuk Amuno.



Joey Weisenberg
February 23-24, 2024

Virtuosic multi-instrumentalist musician-composer, creative ba'al tefillah (prayer leader), award-winning author and master teacher Joey Weisenberg has come to cherish the imperfectly beautiful music of normal people singing together. As longtime musician-in-residence and the founder of Hadar's Rising Song Institute, and through his prolific output of melodies, Weisenberg has helped thousands of people to find their voices in song.



Rabbi Josh Warshawsky
March 27-April 1, 2024
Rabbi Josh Warshawsky is a celebrated Jewish musician, composer, and educator. Utilizing both traditional and contemporary music, he has devoted his career to building intentional spiritual and praying communities with Jews of all ages. His melodies, often tied to liturgical text, are sung in synagogues around the world, including at Chizuk Amuno



Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz
May 31-June 2, 2024
A transformative prayer leader and musician, Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz has served innovative institutions around the country as a teacher of Torah and communal Jewish music. As the Community Singing Consultant of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, Rabbi Sacks Mintz serves as a resource to those seeking to cultivate the grassroots musical and spiritual creativity of the Jewish people.

Wed, December 6 2023 23 Kislev 5784