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Passover 5783

Preparing for Passover

Pot Kashering
Thursday March 30,  5-6 p.m.

Members of the synagogue and its schools are invited to kasher certain types of metal flatware and cookware by a method of boiling called hag’alah. Reserve a time with Judy Simkin at x.232 or email

Sell your Hametz 
Download the Hametz form here. The final day of selling hametz is Wednesday, April 5.

Passover Festival Service Schedule:

Wednesday, April 5:  Erev Pesah - First Seder Night
Shaharit: 7 a.m. followed by Fast/Feast of the First Born at 8:15 a.m.
Sponsored by the Komins and Needle families in memory of Warren Komins and Jack Needle

Minhah/Ma’ariv - 6 p.m.

Thursday, April 6 - Second Seder Night
Pesah Festival Services - 9:30 a.m.

Minhah/Ma'ariv - 6 p.m. 

Join our Chizuk Amuno Community for our 2nd Seder Celebration Led by Rabbi Gruenberg and his family
Sponsored by the Chizuk Amuno Brotherhood

Cocktails & Connections: 6-6:30 p.m.    Seder begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.
Adults & Teens (ages 13-19) - $50 • Children 12 & under - $35 • Children under 2 -no charge
You can specify whom you'd like to sit with. We will accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.
Reserve your spot today! by Friday, March 24

Friday, April 7
Pesah Festival Services - 9:30 a.m.
Minhah/Ma’ariv - 6 p.m.

Saturday, April 8 - Hol Hamoed Pesah
Shabbat Morning Services - 9:30 a.m.
Minhah/Ma’ariv - 7 p.m.


Sunday, April 9 - Hol Hamoed Pesah
Shaharit- 9:30 a.m.
Minhah/Ma’ariv - 6 p.m.

*Please note: Hol Hamoed Pesah -  Monday, April 10, and Tuesday, April 11, there will be early morning minyan at 7 a.m. with minhah at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, April 12
Pesah Festival Services - 9:30 a.m.
Minhah/Ma’ariv - 6 p.m.

Thursday, April 13
Pesah Festival Services - 9:30 a.m with Yizkor 

View Wings of Memory Book Here (PDF)

Minhah/Ma’ariv - 6 p.m.
Hametz can be eaten at 8:06  p.m.

In our Community

Annual Baltimore LGBTQ+ Seder: Building a Stronger Community Together
Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m.
Bolton Street Synagogue

How can we come together in the face of resistance? Join the Baltimore LGBTQ+ Jewish community as we celebrate Passover! We welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community to a seder in commemoration of our ancestors crossing the Red Sea and our own journeys to liberation. Share your stories. Celebrate our paths to freedom. Build a stronger community, together. A catered Kosher dairy meal is included with ticket purchase. A gluten-free meal is available upon request.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP by Sunday, March 26th.

All are welcome. No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact the organizer for more details. Seder organizers are committed to making the event as accessible as possible. Please let us know if you require any accommodations in order to fully participate in the seder. All are welcome. Register Here




The Rabbinical Assembly produces an updated Pesah guide each year. It is a brief outline of the policies and procedures relevant to the preparation of a kosher for Pesah home.

This guide is intended to help families maintain a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its understanding of Jewish Law. 

Download the Pesah Guide


Haggadah Options:


If your family is into discussion:

If your family is into art:

If your family is into the classics:

If your family is into graphic novels:

Ten-Minute Dayenu Seder
Our updated Ten-Minute Dayenu Seder is designed for multi-generational family seders whether held in person, virtually, or both.
The Dayenu Seder will take ten minutes without additional discussion. If your gathering explores the questions we suggest, plan for up to 30 minutes. We hope the Dayenu Seder will help you and your family start your Passover celebration with an experience that all will remember.  View PDF here


Passover Discovery Kit
Grandparents and families can enjoy a brand-new and easy-to-follow Passover Discovery Kit available to download for free this year from the Jewish Grandparents Network website. This interactive guide is designed especially for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 3–8) to use together — either in person or at a distance.

The kit offers ideas and activities to bring Passover to life through play, imagination, and hands-on discovery.

Download the free Passover Discovery Kit.


Special Haroset  - View Recipe here (PDF)

Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783