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Netivon & Achshav High School

We all know that today’s Jewish teenagers are:

  • Highly motivated and engaged
  • Curious to learn more about Israel and Judaism
  • Very busy with academic and AP courses, extra-curricular activities in school, social action projects in and out of school, and their social lives.

These teenagers want a Jewish High School Program that:

  • Matters to them and where they matter, where they will be among friends and other motivated teenagers for meaningful and exciting experiences.
  • Engages them in activities that make a difference for the community and themselves, that open doors for them, and that are different from what they get in their public or private schools.
  • Is comfortable and solid, fun and challenging
  • Provides opportunities for an evolving personal relationship with their tradition – where they ask lots of questions and find their unique Jewish viewpoint.

This is Netivon! This is Achshav!

Netivon is one of the premier Jewish high school programs in the Baltimore area, for students in grades 9-12. Learn more.

Achshav is a new initiative sponsored by Chizuk Amuno and Beth El for religious school graduates in grades 8-11. Learn more.

Both programs are part of Chizuk Amuno’s Congregational Learning Center. For more information please call 410-486-8641 or email

Other exciting opportunities for teens at Chizuk Amuno are….

  • Religious School Classroom Aides and Youth Group Counselors – Students who love working with kids and love Jewish learning can work in the classroom or as youth group counselors, serving as valuable role models for the students 
Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784