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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Membership Contribution

We have organized our dues structure with the goal of making membership possible for young families, single parent households, young professionals, and those experiencing financial hardship. To help us fulfill our mission, serve our members and community, educate our children, and involve ourselves with improving the world, we appreciate and rely upon the financial commitment of our members.

Personal financial hardship is never a barrier to synagogue membership. Membership Dues variances and school scholarships are available for those with financial need. Please contact our Executive Director, Glenn Easton (410-486-6400) for a confidential discussion.

2018-19 Dues Schedule

(as of June 1, 2018)

Special Membership Plan for Young Members
The Chizuk Amuno Board of Trustees recently approved a unique membership approach to attract, acknowledge, thank, and reward young members and families who join the congregation at an early age. This new membership contribution plan acknowledges the commitment of young families that join at an early age and keeps their membership dues category at the lower level for the remainder of the family’s affiliation, no matter their age. The Chizuk Amuno leadership feels that belonging to a sacred synagogue community has both benefits and obligations and that incentivizing affiliation at a younger age helps solidify the future of the congregation and Jewish community.  For additional information, please contact our Executive Director, Glenn Easton, at the synagogue office 410-486-6400.

“Aleph” indicates a single-adult household and “Bet” indicates a household with two adults.
Membership includes High Holy Day seats for the adults in your household.


AGE CATEGORY2017-182018-19
43 AND OVER1,5502,8101,590     2,880
40 – 421,2802,2851,315     2,345
37 – 391,0101,7551,040     1,800
31 – 367251,260745     1,300
30 AND UNDER490820505        845
ASSOCIATE330535340         550

“Aleph” indicates a single-adult household and “Bet” indicates a household with two adults. Please remember that finances are never a barrier to membership.

United Synagogue Fee of Conservative Judaism$36$72
January – June=50%
April – June=25%

Building Fund

Our Building Fund is a one-time fee of $2,000 for a Bet household and $1,000 for an Aleph household, not required until one adult in the household reaches the age 30. Affiliates who join Chizuk Amuno in the 31-36 age group have ten years to pay their Building Fund commitment. For all others, the Building Fund is payable over a five-year period.

Voluntary Fees

  1. JTS Jewish Theological Seminary Aleph $10; Bet $20
  2. Mercaz The Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement Aleph $50; Bet $75

Voluntary fees appear on your membership statement.

Extra High Holy Day Seats

Children of members

12 and under$100
Students/Adults 25-30$300
Relatives or guests over 30$700

Associate Membership

We offer friends of Chizuk Amuno who are members of another synagogue the opportunity to join at the Associate Membership level. Associate Membership does not include High Holy Day seats, access to Garrison Forest Cemetery sites, and does not require payment of the Building Fund.

Bet$ 535