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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Stulman Center for Adult Learning

Barukh Habah:  Welcome to the Stulman Center for Adult Learning

The Stulman Center is the definition of a learning community. We offer courses year round, from the frigid dark days of winter through the dog days of summer. Our course titles will intrigue you. Our teachers will inspire you. Our courses will challenge you to think in new ways about not only the history but also the future of the Jewish people.

Stulman offers classes on Torah, Hebrew, literature, history, and the arts. Each year, academics and rabbis visit Chizuk Amuno to offer lectures, teach classes, and serve as scholars-in-residence.  The Stulman Center for Adult Learning provides a point of entry for everyone seeking the excitement of Jewish study in a community of committed, caring learners studying with dedicated, knowledgeable teachers.  Learning is a way of enhancing our Jewish identity and connection to our tradition. Learning enriches our lives and promotes our spiritual growth.

For more information and the upcoming schedule of classes, please call Doris Tanhoff at 410-486-6400 ext. 288

The Munitz Library

Located in our Library Beit Midrash, the Munitz Library supports adult learning at Chizuk Amuno with a variety of books, periodicals, and videos of Jewish content available for loan.

2018 Spring Courses for Adults

To register, please call Doris Tanhoff at the Stulman Center at 410-486-6400 ext. 288 or email

Classes are listed below. Come learn with us!


The Shabbat Morning Service

Saturdays 9am-9:30am March 10, 17, 24 and April 14-May 19

Feeling unsure about the synagogue service? Would you like to learn the basics of Shabbat prayer? Comfort in the Main sanctuary a concern? Join educator Harriet Brown before Saturday morning services to learn the structure of the service, its themes, choreography, and melodies. Our member Harriet Brown lead this class.


Two Part Lecture Series on Letters

1. Book Talk by Rabbi Elana Zaiman

Monday March 12th at 6pm

Being Present: Now More Than Ever

Rabbi Elana Zaiman is the author of an exciting new book The Forever Letter that speaks to the power of communication between people. In it she presents the tradition of writing Ethical wills throughout Jewish history and in her own family.

It is for the grandparent generation, the parent generation, even 20’s.

This will be followed by a book signing of The Forever Letter


2. Words Unspoken by Joyanna Silberg

Monday April 16th at 6pm 

In this talk, Dr. Joyanna Silberg will talk about the psychological power of letters to help express important emotions that are hard to say aloud. Letters of apology, gratitude, blessing, and hurt feelings will be discussed.

She will cover psychological aspects of the “effective  letter” and will show examples of each kind of letter and how it accomplished an important goal of connecting people.


Judaism and Technology: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Information Age
Tuesdays 7pm

6 weeks beginning March 13th and ending April 24th (no class April 3)
Thanks to the technologies that gave rise to the World Wide Web, GPS and Facebook, Jewish communities are more connected than ever before–to each other, and to the broader world.  How has access to all this technology challenged some aspects of traditional Jewish life, and at the same time opened doors to new opportunities for the Jewish community?   We will explore these questions through a variety of contemporary examples: What are the Jewish politics of a “cyber-minyan,” and who benefits from participating in services that are streamed online? Is there a downside to our increasing reliance on “smart” devices? How are tools like GPS and online archives being used to document, preserve and provide access to vital information about Jewish communities into the future?  These topics and more will be the starting point for lively and interactive conversation. Our member Dr. Andrea Lieber, Professor of Religion at Dickinson College, will teach this class.


Book Chat on Three Floors Up by Eshkol Nevo

Sunday April 22 at 10am
Finalist for the Fiction and Book Club categories of the 2017 National Jewish Book Awards.
Set in a Tel Aviv apartment building, this best-selling Israeli novel examines a society in crisis, through the turmoils, secrets, unreliable confessions, and problematic decisions of the building’s residents. Our member Karen Desser will lead this Book Chat.




Jewish History in Context: From Canon to Tradition
Dr. Moshe Shualy
Mondays, 9:30-10:30 a.m. | No Fee
An intensive examination of classic formative issues: How did the synagogue come to be? How was the Torah canonized? What major changes took place after 586 BCE, 70 CE? What is the difference between Torah and Mishnah? Why did prophecy cease after 586 BCE? Can we still talk to God? Can we prove it?


Advanced Topics in the Post Biblical Era
Dr. Moshe Shualy
Tuesdays, 9-10 a.m. | No Fee
Study of the text, history, and philosophy of the Post Biblical Era. Reading knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary.

Judaisms Part Ways: The Emergence Of Rabbinic Judaism And Christianity In A Post 70 CE World
Rosann M. Catalano, PhD and Rabbi Ilyse S. Kramer
9:30 – 10:45 a.m. – 20 Sessions
Thru Mar. 27, 2018
Fee: $350 CAC Members;
$400 Community Participants

First century CE Judaism is often described as a highly sectarian reality. Historical and archeological studies over the last half-century reveal multiple “Judaisms.” After the chaos following the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE), two major sects sought to establish their religious identities. This course explores the complicated and messy process known as the “partings” of the ways.

Required: Partings: How Judaism and Christianity Became Two, Hershel Shanks, editor; Biblical Archaeology Association, 2013.


The Ethical Life: Jewish Values In An Age Of Choice A Course in Jewish Ethics from JTS
Rabbi Paul D. Schneider
9:30-10:30 A.M. – 15 Sessions – Class Begins Oct. 19
$10 Materials Fee
From political and financial scandals to rapid progress in biomedical science and technology, the complex issues of modern society are, at their core, issues of ethical and moral concern. Now, more than ever, we require a solid understanding of how Jewish ethics can inform our discussions and decisions about the critical questions of the day.

Each session of The Ethical Life includes a short video lecture featuring JTS faculty members and other expert scholars, text study, and guided group discussion led by Rabbi Schneider. Join us for this unique opportunity to study the sources of Jewish ethics in their original and learn how we can apply them today.

Topics Include:
The Ethical Dimensions of Food Production
Is Teshuvah Possible? Rethinking Mass Incarceration
Advance Directives and the Ethics of End-of-Life Care
Disabilities and the Ethics of Inclusion
Is Lying Ever Ethical?

The Land of Milk and Date Honey
Rabbi Debi Wechsler
10:30-11:30 A.M. – 15 Sessions – Class Begins Oct. 19
No Fee
In honor of Israel’s 70th birthday, this year we will study texts from the Torah, the Rabbinic period, the medieval period, and modern days about both the dream and the reality of Israel. This is a text class and texts will be presented in both Hebrew and English. Beginners are most welcome.

Advanced Hebrew Literature Study Group
Dr. Arthur Lesley
Noon-2:00 p.m. – 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month
No Fee
Participants read selections from Hebrew literature for discussion in English. New group members welcome.

Evening Jewish Book Group
Judy Meltzer
7:45-9:00 p.m.
2 Thursdays per month –September 2017 thru May 2018
Dates: To be announced
Fee: $150
Class held off site.
If you love literature, you should join our wonderful group. We read short stories, fiction and non-fiction, both classics and contemporary. Our discussions are always animated. Some of us have been with this group for over 30 years, but we always welcome newcomers.


Shabbat Afternoon Study
Dr. Moshe Shualy
Every Shabbat afternoon before Minhah, time changes weekly
Refer to the HaHodesh and/or our website for times
No Fee
In an intimate setting, we learn about the weekly Torah portion, holidays, and what is on your mind. There is no better way to conclude Shabbat. Come, join, and enjoy.


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