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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Netivon (Grades 9-12)

Netivon 2021 Graduation Program


Netivon provides our students with opportunities to use the foundation in Jewish learning to experience and navigate our evolving world.

Netivon recognizes that our teens are our future and is designed to help guide them on the path to take the future forward.

Our teachers love working with teens and recognize that the categories of “learner” and “educator” are fluid; that teens learn, not only from teachers, but from their peers, older teens and adults.

We are a program without grades or homework. We emphasize critical thinking, open discussion, lively debate, and regular attendance. We are modern and don’t shy away from controversy.

All Netivon students meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The courses are designed by the faculty to reflect student interest, Jewish values and issues, and our changing world. Though our curriculum is always evolving, here is a sampling of the courses we offered in 2012-2013:

  • Digging Israel: Archeology and the Holy Land
  • Israel on the Front Page: Current Events and Popular Culture
  • Let’s Talk about Sex…and Judaism
  • Jewish Studio Art
  • Ulpan Hebrew
  • With Your Bare Hands – Killing in the Bible
  • If God exists – Why can the World be so Bad?
  • Entering College as a Jew: Questions and Answers

Netivon also includes:

  • Monthly Tuesday Night Dinners and Special Programs, where the entire community comes together to socialize over dinner and participate in programs revolving around the Jewish calendar and current events.
  • Mifgashim, where students and faculty gather together to meet with and learn from leaders in the community in a forum encouraging debate, pluralism, and creativity.
  • Buddy Study: An intergenerational learning experience where students will participate in a semester long program paired with adult learners to share different perspectives on Jewish texts and values. This year’s Buddy Study will partner with practicing artists to study Jewish texts.

This is Netivon, but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the words of our Netivon students:

I love Netivon because it gives me an opportunity to keep up with my Hebrew and converse in the language twice a week. I get to enrich my vocabulary not only through the Neta program, but through Modern Hebrew newspapers as well. Netivon is a great place to learn in an environment where you can receive one-on-one attention, while simultaneously getting to catch up with old friends from Schechter.

– Abby, 12th grader at Pikesville High School

I joined Netivon because it is a great way to preserve relationships and stay connected to the Jewish community. As I soon found out, Netivon is not only a social experience but an educational one; an interactive learning center for everyone to share their stories. Whether you come to continue Jewish education or just to have some fun, Netivon is definitely worth trying.

– Noah, 10th grader at City College

I look forward to going to Netivon every week. Not only do I continue to learn Hebrew and study Judaics, I also experience things I would not experience anywhere else. Netivon has great guests, ranging from naval officers to jazz musicians. The program also allows me to keep in touch with my friends from Krieger Schechter and the Jewish community. If I had not participated in Netivon, I would have missed out on experiences and friendships that I could not have had at another program.

– Jared, 12th grader at Park School

The reason Netivon is so great is twofold; firstly, it provides an excellent continuation of Schechter or Religious School and secondly, it’s fun. I go to Netivon because I don’t want to lose my Hebrew, but also because I want to continue to be given an extraordinary opportunity to interact with Jewish peers. Of course we have engaging speakers and classes, but the factor that separates Netivon from other Hebrew High School programs is that I look forward to seeing friends just as much as learning. Is learning more important than the social aspect? Fortunately, you won’t have to decide – Netivon provides both.

– Josh, 12th grader at Park School