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Chizuk Amuno Congregation


We welcome you and your family to continue to learn and pray with us each day in ways that we
believe will elevate your search for meaning and deepen your faith.

We also invite you to keep in touch, reach out to us in times of need, and stay informed as
we explore together the challenges and responses to COVID-19 through a Jewish lens.

Although our campus is temporarily closed, our community and all that we are able to
offer at this time remain available and open to you in new and exciting ways. Some of our current offerings are listed below.
May we all enjoy in peace, community, and good health!


The Jewish tradition is founded on respect for those who have died and on providing comfort to those who are grieving. Chizuk Amuno provides comfort, support, and guidance to those who are bereaved. We also encourage our members to turn to our clergy and staff for advice on the practical matters and ritual surrounding death, burial, and mourning.

Our Rabbis and Cantor are available to officiate at funeral services and unvelings for Synagogue members and their families, and are also available to guide families through the traditional mourning rituals in the days that follow burial.

Read more about making arrangements for burial or purchasing a plot at one of Chizuk Amuno’s cemeteries.


Chizuk Amuno Cemeteries

As a Jewish congregation, we gather as a community at every milestone. This includes the passing of family members and friends.

Chizuk Amuno members have two options for burial of Jewish loved ones. Both locations maintain the same high standards.


Arlington Cemetery is our long-established, beautifully maintained cemetery in Baltimore City. Known for its serene setting, Arlington has served as a community cemetery for the Jewish population of Baltimore for more than 50 years. It is located on Rogers Avenue, west of Reisterstown Road.


Opened in the spring of 2009, Garrison Forest Cemetery is located at Garrison Forest Road and Crondall Lane in Owings Mills. The purchase of lots at Garrison Forest is limited to members of Chizuk Amuno Congregation.

Neither cemetery will accept cremated remains nor can Arlington lots be exchanged for lots at Garrison Forest.

Purchasing a Lot

For understandable reasons, many people delay the purchase of a cemetery lot. To avoid the need to make a cemetery selection at times of illness and loss, the staff at Chizuk Amuno are on hand to assist in making a pre-need purchase. This choice alleviates undue stress and provides peace of mind.