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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Chizuk Amuno Congregation & Schools Wish List

Many times during the year members and friends tell us that they would like to contribute something to our congregation in honor or memory of a loved one or to mark a special occasion.  We are often asked what we may need and what would enhance one of our schools, programs, our services, or our programs. Sometimes, our synagogue budget alone cannot provide for all of our wishes and needs, large and small.

The following list offers some suggestions compiled by our schools and leadership but don’t hesitate to suggest additional, creative ways to enhance our congregation and community. Wish List contributors will be recognized in the HaHodesh monthly newsletter. To contribute something on our Wish List, please contact Beth Goldsmith or Lee Sherman at the synagogue.

Sponsor a Minyan Breakfast – $150

Inscribed Brick on Derekh Amuno Pathway – $250

Purchase a New Hearing Assistance Headset for Services – $250 ea.

Sponsor a Young Families Shabbat Kiddush Lunch – $400

Sponsor a Shir Shabbat Wine & Cheese Oneg – $400/ea.

Sponsor a Passover Kiddush – $500

Purchase New Scanner and Materials for Archives – $500

Purchase two new cameras for school and synagogue marketing, publicity, & Facebook posts – $550 ea.

Purchase 10 Lulavim/Etrogim for our schools – $700

Sponsor Shavuot / Yizkor Kiddush – $750

Sponsor Nutritional snacks in our Preschool (one month) – $800

Sponsor a Young Professionals Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast – $850

Sponsor a Sukkot Kiddush Luncheon – $900

Sponsor the Tikun L’el Shavuot Program – $1,000

Purchase 15 Lulavim/Etrogim for Sukkot Services – $1,000

Underwrite the Delivery of Shabbat Dinner to Families with Newborns – $1,000/yr.

Underwrite Downtown Lunch n’Learn – $1,000/yr.

Purchase Upgraded Computer and Software for Archives and Museum – $1,250

Sponsor the Religious School Kabbalat Shabbat – $1,500

Sponsor the Erev Simchat Torah Family Dinner – $1,500

Upgrade a new KSDS and Religious School Office Computer – $1,800/ea.

Underwrite one issue of the HaHodesh Monthly Newsletter – $1,800

Sponsor the 8th Day of Passover Yizkor Kiddush – $1,800/yr.

Purchase 10 New Hearing Assistance Headsets for the Services – $2,500

Purchase a Large Screen TV/Video Conference Monitor – $2,500

Underwrite our Pre-High Holy Day Selichot Program – $2,500

Purchase a Laptop Computer and Projector for the Preschool – $2,750

Underwrite the Annual Congregational Meeting – $3,000

Purchase New Ark for Beit Midrash for Youth and Other Services – $3,600

Underwrite Religious School New York Trip – $3,600

Underwrite Shir Shabbat & Oneg – $4,000/yr.

Underwrite the Annual Program Guides – $4,500/yr.

Underwrite the B’nai Mitzvah Project Mitzvah – $5,000

Purchase New Sports Uniforms for KSDS Boys and Girls Teams – $5,000/ea.

Underwrite a Yom Kippur “Break the Fast” Snack – $5,000

Underwrite Landscaping for New “Lake Chizzy” and Preschool Rain Gardens – $5,000/yr.

Underwrite the annual Wings of Memory Yizkor Booklet – $6,500

Install Electric Handicap Doors on Restrooms – $7,000/ea.

Underwrite the Annual Purim Carnival – $7,500

Underwrite the Annual KSDS  8th Grade Play – $8,000

Underwrite the Annual Beit Midrash Study Program – $10,000/yr.

Underwrite KSDS 6th Grade NYC Trip – $10,000

Underwrite KSDS 8th Grade Israel Trip Scholarships – $10,000

Underwrite Upgrade and Revision of Synagogue Website – $12,500

Underwrite the HaHodesh monthly Newsletter – $17,000/year

Underwrite New Chizuk Amuno Schools Recruitment Materials and Viewbooks – $25,000


Sometimes we are asked by generous members who would like to make a lifetime legacy gift to the congregation what we need to name or endow to ensure the future of our congregation. Chizuk Amuno has been blessed by many generous families who have endowed programs, dedicated schools, and named rooms to provide for the generations of future children and members of our congregation. The following represent some of the current needs to enhance, expand, and maintain our historic synagogue.

Endowed Religious School Scholarship – $36,000/ea.

Endowed Summer Camp Scholarship Fund – $36,000/ea.

Endowed Monthly Rosh Hodesh Minyan Breakfast  – $36,000

Endowed College Outreach Holiday Gifts – $50,000

Endowed Annual Tikun L’el Shavuot Learning Evening – $50,000

Endowed KSDS Scholarship – $72,000/ea.

Endowed Annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah Retreat – $72,000

Endowed Torah for Tots Shabbat Program – $100,000

Endowed Special Needs Fund – $100,000

Endowed Annual Wings of Memory Yizkor Book – $136,000

Endowed Annual KSDS 8th Grade Play Production – $150,000

Endowed Youth Group Leader – $180,000

Endowed Music, Concert, & Cultural Arts Fund – $250,000

Endowed Archives Staffing and Program – $500,000

Endowed Family Educator – $750,000

Endowed Center for Educational Technology – $950,000

Named & Endowed Entrance Lobby – $1 million

Named & Endowed Cantor’s Chair in Jewish Music – $1.5 million

Named & Endowed Senior Rabbi Chair – $2.5 million

Named & Rededicated Cemetery – $3 million

Named & Endowed Educational Academy – $5 million

Named Synagogue Sanctuary – $6 million

Named Synagogue Campus – $8 million


(Note: For the larger facility endowments, 20% would be used for capital maintenance and improvements to that space with the remainder placed in a permanently restricted endowment fund with the earnings used to maintain that area. Gifts may be paid over 3 – 4 years.)                                                                                   
– (as of Summer 2019)