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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Derekh Amuno – Pathway to Faith

thumb_for-weblogo_kLeave a lifelong legacy at Chizuk Amuno – purchase an inscribed tribute brick on Chizuk Amuno’s new Pathway to Faith.

The outside pathway at the Hoffberger Chapel entrance includes over 300 bricks available for dedication. You can honor the memory of a loved one or celebrate a milestone or lifecycle event. $250 contribution per brick for up to four lines of text

For more information contact Judy Schwartz, Project Chair, or Marci Scher, 410-486-6400, or

You may download and print out this form here to fill out/order your inscribed brick. 

Purchase a brick to:
• Recognize milestone occasions such as graduations, bar/bat mitzvahs, and birthdays.
• Honor the memory of loved one.
• Create a lasting tribute to recognize the influence of teachers and friends or as an expression of gratitude.
• Honor your special graduate with a brick on Derekh Amuno for a one-of-a-kind gift and commemorate their accomplishment.

Derekh Amuno literally translates to Pathway to Faith.

This brick walkway leads up to the Hoffberger Chapel entrance.

The dedicatory bricks arrive 6 to 8 weeks after ordering and are and are installed shortly thereafter.

Funds raised will support the important programs and services provided to the Chizuk Amuno community.

You may order the brick on the form here.

Each paver is $250 and can hold up to four lines with 15 characters per line, including spaces. For more information, please contact Judy Schwartz or Marci Scher, 410-486-6400, ext. 223.

Each paver can hold up to four lines with 15 characters per line, including spaces.

Multiple bricks purchased during this initial phase can be placed together. Placements for future installations cannot be guaranteed.