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Guardians of the Earth

Introducing “Guardians of the Earth or in Hebrew Shomrei Adamah.”

Its name describes the way that the Torah sees human beings – as guardians of the earth that has been entrusted to us. Our tradition sees care for the natural world and its inhabitants as both a religious and a moral obligation. In the past year, many of us have become even more aware of the natural world around us in all its splendor and all its challenges. This heightened awareness has led to heightened urgency to practice the mitzvah to care for the earth and to protect it. Each week in this space we’ll share information about how the synagogue community is practicing this mitzvah, suggestions for how you and your family might become more engaged in guarding the earth, and thoughts on planting trees, conserving energy and a myriad of Jewish concerns.

April 7, 2021:

According to, plogging is the act of picking up litter while jogging. Exercise and Shmirat Adamah (protecting our earth) – all at the same time!

April brings us Earth Day, which was established on April 22, 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in order to help bring awareness to environmental issues and inspire action to keep the earth healthy. In 1990, Earth Day went global, mobilizing millions of people around the world to take earth-friendly actions. Here is a simple earth-friendly action you can take: Bring re-usable bags with you when you shop. This saves on the plastic bags usually supplied at stores, which generally are not bio-degradable. If you forget to bring your own bags with you, forego the store plastic bag for small purchases; for larger purchases – hold on to those plastic bags for the next time you visit a retailer that offers recycling for their plastic bags.

To learn about the mission of, the work they do, stories about prior projects, and upcoming events, please visit their website.


March 31, 2021:

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Water Costs are Soaring
As we enter our rainy season, conserving water may be the last thing on your mind. However, It’s important to know that using water-saving techniques can save you money and divert less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries, which helps keep the environment healthy. It can also reduce water and wastewater treatment costs and the amount of energy used to treat, pump, and heat water.
Did you know that by turning the water off while brushing your teeth, you can save up to eight gallons of water per day? That’s nearly 3,000 gallons per year! There are many ways to conserve water in and around your home on a daily basis – ranging from installing low-flow shower heads and dual-flush toilets, to simply using full loads in your washing machine and turning off the faucet while washing your dishes until you’re ready to rinse.
Visit this website for imaginative ways you can save water.


March 24, 2021:

Producing and using electricity more efficiently reduces both the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity and the amount of greenhouse gasses and other air pollution emitted as a result. By doing so, local air pollution is reduced as well as the negative effect on climate change. One simple way to work toward this goal is to install LED lightbulbs throughout your home. LED lightbulbs have longer lifespans, are extra durable, safer, dimmable, energy-efficient, and produce less heat. By switching to LED, you will be helping our environment AND you will also save on your electricity bill.

As Pesah approaches, we share this Omer calendar developed by Interfaith Power & Light of DC, MD, and Northern VA to address environmental issues. We hope that you will download, print, and use it as a daily guide for both appreciating the abundance in our natural world, and in journeying together to responsibility for our damaged climate. Hag Sameah!

March 17, 2021:

Family Pollution Police
It is our responsibility to protect and preserve that which takes care of us. Why not promote family time in the process? Especially with the official arrival of spring this weekend and warmer weather to come.

What You’ll Need:

  • Biodegradable/compostable garbage bags
  • Biodegradable or reusable gloves or a reach extender for each family member
  • Bikes, skateboards, or just a good pair of shoes

What You’ll Do:
Get moving! As a family, travel around your neighborhood or to nearby parks picking up all the trash you can find. Then, of course, dispose of the trash properly! (Some of it may be recyclable.)

For more ideas on being an environmentally-friendly family, visit this site:

March 10, 2021:
Instilling an awareness of caring for the earth is an integral part of the curriculum in many different ways in all of our schools. For example, did you know that Krieger Schechter Day School is a certified Maryland Green School? In June 2020, KSDS was awarded the Maryland Green School title through MAEOE (Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education). This is a title shared by 655 other Maryland schools. Maryland Green Schools encourage sustainability and foster environmental literacy among all members of the school. They encourage students, faculty, and staff to make changes in their school community to reduce negative environmental impact. To learn more about the projects that MAEOE supports and volunteer opportunities, follow this link:

There are many simple and economic actions you can take to turn your home into a green home. We encourage you to make your own cleaning products (dish soap, laundry detergent, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner)? Follow this link for easy to follow directions: