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Chizuk Amuno Congregation


We welcome you and your family to continue to learn and pray with us each day in ways that we
believe will elevate your search for meaning and deepen your faith.

We also invite you to keep in touch, reach out to us in times of need, and stay informed as
we explore together the challenges and responses to COVID-19 through a Jewish lens.

Although our campus is temporarily closed, our community and all that we are able to
offer at this time remain available and open to you in new and exciting ways. Some of our current offerings are listed below.
May we all enjoy in peace, community, and good health!

For Our Families

Tot Shabbat:

Fridays@9:15 a.m. Via Facebook Live

KSDS Ta’aam Shabbat:

Friday, March 27 at 3:30 p.m. Via Zoom

for Tots:

Saturdays@10:30 a.m.
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Family Service:

Saturdays@11:30 a.m.
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A Message from Rabbi Stuart Seltzer:

If God had only taken us out of Egypt…It would have been enough – Dayenu.

Noam Zion, in his Haggadah, A Different Night, writes: “The principle of ‘dayenu,’ of giving thanks even for the partial and incomplete, is crucial for living in this uncertain world…We thank God every day for the miracle of being alive and for every facet of God’s miraculous deliverance.” Here is a version of “dayenu” I wrote to recite at my seder this year.

Who would ever think that a deadly virus could make us appreciate the many gifts we enjoy in life?

If God only gave us family and friends – Dayenu!

If God only gave us imagination to let our minds play – Dayenu!

If God only gave us books to transport us to different worlds – Dayenu!

If God only gave us a good night’s sleep – Dayenu!

If God only gave us chances to be kind – Dayenu!

If God only gave us eyes to marvel at the beauty of nature – Dayenu!

If God only gave us art, film, drama, and the gift of storytelling – Dayenu!

If God only gave us our memories – Dayenu!

If God only gave us humor and laughter – Dayenu!

If God only gave us food to eat – Dayenu!

If God only gave us rituals to celebrate everything that brings meaning to our lives – Dayenu!

If God only gave us prayers to say what matters most to us – Dayenu!

If God only gave us bodies to exercise, flex the spine, tone the muscles, and heal the mind – Dayenu!

If God only gave us music and dancing. – Dayenu!

If God only gave us our souls to show us the way to a meaningful, good, and generous life – Dayenu!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Seltzer

A Shabbat Message from Morah Melissa Berman

Dear Rosenbloom Families,

I am constantly in awe of the resilience and positivity of all of the people “around” me and how they are coping with our new normal. Our teachers are venturing into new territory to teach virtually, you are keeping your children engaged and stimulated while we all attempt to stay healthy and get some work done.

In times of turmoil and readjustment the Jewish people have always been resilient, staying true to our core values. Tzedakah, has always been a part of the RRS experience, where students come prepared to give every Wednesday and Sunday. Often, I see kids arrive in carpool with a crisp bill or a few coins, excited to give.

At the beginning of each RRS day it is so beautiful to watch your children unzip a pouch in their binders or take a neat twisted bag of coins from their pocket. So organized. Such care. Many of these kids are so young and could not have done this on their own. But, with your help and with such busy schedules, you made sure that the money would come safely to help those in need.
I would like to encourage you to continue the mitzvah of giving tzedakah at home.

I invite each one of our families to make your own tzedakah box to be used at home. You can incorporate the value of b’aal tashchit (do not waste) by re purposing some of your recycling to make a functional and unique tzedakah box. A great time to give (even just a few pennies) is right before your virtual classes on Sunday and Wednesday and of course before welcoming Shabbat.
When giving, take the time to think about how your money can help people affected by this virus.

I would love to see all the tzedakah boxes you and your kids create. Please email a photo of yours to me or Ethan!