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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Please join us for

In honor of over twenty years of service as Hazzan of Chizuk Amuno Congregation and in recognition of his election as Hazzan Emeritus, we are pleased to invite you to an evening of celebration on June 3, 2018, in honor of Hazzan Emanuel “Manny” Perlman.

The musical event will highlight Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, with Peter returning to Chizuk Amuno to honor our retiring Hazzan in concert, and with Noel/Paul Stookey participating through video, and of course, Manny joining in the celebration. Mr. Yarrow was the artist of the first concert that Hazzan Perlman produced for our congregation. The evening will allow us to experience the rich history of Peter, Paul and Mary and the trio’s cultural and moral phenomenon, as we pay tribute to Hazzan Manny Perlman for his legacy of caring, music, and artistry.

Hazzan Emanuel Perlman Music Endowment Fund Established
Of equal excitement, in recognition of Hazzan Perlman, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Hazzan Emanuel Perlman Music Endowment Fund. This permanent endowment, generated by the contributions to the event, will be used to underwrite musical programs in the synagogue and schools in perpetuity, will underwrite a portrait of the Hazzan in our hallway of emeritus clergy, and will provide transitional funding during the search for our next hazzan.

In order to celebrate a memorable evening and create a meaningful endowment, members and friends are invited to sponsor and participate in the evening at multiple contribution levels. It is our goal to raise $350,000 from those whose lives Hazzan Perlman has so meaningfully touched during his many years of work locally and nationally, as well as within and outside of the Jewish Community.

The concert is only a few months away, so please look for your invitation to participate in this exciting and important evening. The 7:30 p.m. concert will be preceded by a congregational meeting and followed by a gala dessert reception. You can RSVP and purchase tickets online here. 

Tickets to the evening will be $36 for general admission with the following Donor Categories for reserved seats in our sanctuary.
Underwriters – $50,000 (includes 10 reserved seats)
Producers – $36,000 (includes 10 reserved seats)
Concertmasters – $18,000 (includes 8 reserved seats)
Conductors – $10,000 (includes 8 reserved seats)
Maestros – $5,000 (includes 6 reserved seats)
Composers – $2,500 (includes 6 reserved seats)
Performers – $1,000 (includes 4 reserved seats)
Soloists – $500 (includes 4 reserved seats)
Ensemble – $250 (includes 2 reserved seats)
Friends – $36 (general seating)
Prodigy – $18 (student)

We are pleased to announce the leadership of Leonard & Phyllis Attman and Steven & Anne King, as Co-Chairs, Lowell Glazer and Herbert & Susan Garten as Honorary Co-Chairs of the event, and a Special Committee consisting of Lawrence & Naomi Amsterdam, Ronald Blavatt, Alan & Hannah Feiler, Richard & Susan Kolker, Alan & Ellen Mogol, Marlene Pollack, Antony & Livia Rosen, Everett Siegel & Janet Berg, Thomas & Barbara Steinhardt, Roy & Bonnie Ziegelstein.

If you have immediate questions, please contact our Executive Director, Glenn Easton, at the synagogue (410-486-6400 or

You may RSVP and pay online for your seats here.