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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Analyzing the Mitzvah of Purple Friday

This week, there’s been something of a Talmudic debate going on surrounding Purple Friday.  It’s taking place not in the halls of the Sanhedrin but in the Hoffberger Chapel and the Board Room during Parent Study Group.

It goes something like this: Generally we wear purple on Friday during football season to show our support for the Ravens who will play on Sunday. And we wear Ravens’ gear on Sundays when there is a game.

However (recited in that rabbinic sing-song) is there a difference when then Ravens play on Thursday night? Do we wear purple on Thursday or does it not make a difference and we still wear purple on Fridays and Ravens’ gear on Sundays?

Lo Kashya! (The Talmudic Rabbis’ way of harmonizing contradictions) There is no difficulty here and both opinions are correct. We wear purple on game days AND we also wear purple on Fridays and Ravens’ gear on Sundays.

Wearing purple on Friday fulfills our obligation, but kol ha marbeh harei zeh meshubach, wearing purple more frequently is praiseworthy.

Let’s Go Ravens!