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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

All “God” things come to an end

Tomorrow will be my last Bar Mitzvah as Hazzan of Chizuk Amuno. I wanted to share how my career has come full circle.

My teacher, mentor and cantorial role model was my late father, ז״ל Cantor Ivan Perlman. He trained me in order to teach 2,630 students for almost a half century.
Tomorrow’s Bar Mitzvah is Alex Missry.
His paternal grandparents are from our hometown Providence, Rhode Island. At yesterday’s dress rehearsal they reminisced about their Cantor, Ivan Perlman. Alex’s Grandmother actually quoted my father.
My cantorial brother Josh (at B’nai Israel in Rockville) asked me to inquire if the family knew a Jill Missry. It turned out that Jill is the sister of Alex’s father. Cantor Josh attended Elementary School with Jill. Josh wore a tee shirt when he played baseball with the name “Clifford Metals” on it. Jill eventually married that “Clifford.”
For anyone of the over 1000 families I taught about Coincidences and Divine Interventions at Chizuk Amuno that harbored any doubts about God’s existence; I hope you will put them to rest during my retirement. If I brought even one family closer to God… I am humbled and eternally grateful.
I will miss you all!
Destination “Peace” and Shabbat “Shalom,”
Emanuel C Perlman