Today is April 17, 2021 /

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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Recognizing Gemilut Hasadim Volunteers

In the verses that we just read, bnei Yisrael are called avadim, servants, most particularly avadai, MY servants. God explains that God redeemed the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery for the purpose of doing God’s work.

The people who are recognized here today are just a small representation of the over 450 Gemilut Hasadim volunteers who do God’s work in the name of our congregation. They do this is in many different ways, by reading with elementary school buddies, by making art to raise funds for school arts programming, by cooking and baking for families with loved ones undergoing hospitalizations, by hosting birthday parties for terminally ill children, by serving food to the homeless, by plucking chicken feathers for chicken dinner, by sorting clothing to help people get back to work and more tasks than it is possible to name.

We are so fortunate that through their acts of loving kindness our congregation has been able to fulfill the third pillar of its mission in our own Chizuk Amuno community and in the larger Baltimore community as well.

All of you do work with your own hands to fulfill what it says in this Aliyah, to be servants of God. Le taken olam be malkhut shaddai. We are grateful for the countless mitzvot you do with our congregation and as a manifestation of our highest values.