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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

A Kavanah from our retiring Hazzan for Passover

If we had only filmed our Seder table in the late 60’s you would have seen our late father Cantor Ivan Perlman proudly holding his Kiddush Cup extended in his large hand. It almost seemed to “part the table down the middle.”
With an imperceptible motion of his eyes he conducted the moments his four sons would join in four part perfect harmony along with their glowing mother, operatic voiced aunt, grandparents, and the synagogue organist who converted to Judaism and ironically lost his position due to the halachic requisite that anyone playing an instrument on Shabbat or Chaggim had to be non Jewish. Coincidently, the Senior Rabbi of our shul wrote the actual Teshuva for the Rabbinical Assembly that explained this restriction.

The highlight of the Seder was when the youngest future Hazzan opened the door for Elijah and found our neighbors in the street listening to the voices coming through the window of our dining room.

“Those were the days my friends, I wish they’d never end.”