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Chizuk Amuno Congregation


On Monday morning, October 30th, KSDS celebrated the 36th day of its 36th year. All of the students and staff came dressed in their special commemorative t-shirts. There were showcases highlighting outstanding events from the past, and special events scheduled for the entire day. Stacey Thompson, the 36th Project Coordinator, carefully planned every detail.
It was Shelley Hendler, Co-Chair of the 36th Anniversary, and a prior MS Head, who invited all past administrators to officially welcome the children at carpool drop-off. We were properly attired for the occasion, with crowns and identification sashes. I was identified as Head of School, 1983-2012. We always worked well as a team, and it was great to be back together with friends and colleagues!
After carpool, Wendy Gelber, LS head, invited us to come into the building, and to join the LS for the flag ceremony. And then, Yali Lowenberg, a KSDS grad and currently on staff, with tremendous energy and enthusiasm, began a Hebrew song and line dance. A moment later, she was joined by a group of MS students. It was a flash mob! And then the entire MS arrived, singing from the second floor railing. It was something. It was really something.
Perhaps you are familiar with the ever-popular Hebrew song, Od Aveenu Hai, Our Forefathers and Foremothers Still Live (Their spirit lives on whenever and wherever we honor their memory). In my heart, a different song was playing-
Od Beit Sefer Hai, our beloved day school still lives and flourishes.
And may it continue to do so for another 36 years, and beyond that!
Paul Schneider