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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

I’m Not Telling You Who I’m With

i-voted-2016And not just because that title ends with a preposition. But because it is totally and completely inappropriate for a pulpit rabbi or any pulpit serving clergyperson, to be with any candidate. As a rabbi, I am rabbi to every single member of my flock – those who want to make America great again and those who are stronger together.

That conviction was reaffirmed this morning at my poling place (shout out to all my fellow Fort Garrison voters) where I saw almost as many of my flock as I did on Rosh Hashanah. One young congregant was wearing a Make America Great Again hat, while another congregant was wearing pantsuit and pearls. Even if the candidate for whom I voted were any of your business (it totally is not), as your rabbi that does not factor. I am a private citizen. I exercise my constitutional right to vote.

Let rabbis and pastors talk about values. Let them teach from their faith traditions on the issues of the day. Let them illuminate political discussion through the light of their sacred texts. But it ends there.

Come Shabbat we will all be shul in our red and blue finery. Well, I’ll actually be out of town at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. But the shul I’m in, and the shul you’re in, needs to be served by a rabbi who is for all the people.

So you want to know who I’m with? I’m with you. All of you – the red, the white and the blue.