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On Sunday September 11th an august group of supportive members gathered at Beth Goldsmith’s residence to celebrate the storied successes at Chizuk Amuno Congregation.

We are a vibrant congregation that begins with our youngest and most impressionable future leaders in Goldsmith and continues in our educational fabled KSDS. It began decades ago with the growth and developing years of the ground breaking vision of the dynamic Rabbi Schneider and continues with his incessantly creative and enthusiastic successor, Rabbi Schwartz.

One of the patron guests present at Beth’s palatial and well appointed abode was Ruthanne Kaufman. One of the speakers pointed out how Ruthanne has become a daily presence at Chizuk Amuno. She has become an agent of daily good will along with Rabbi Shualy in the Hoffberger Chapel. Consummate supporters like Ruthanne are invaluable. She gives of her time, talent and resources everyday.

There are the generational unsung heroes of Chizuk Amuno who, past, present and into the future, contain the momentary periods of discouragement and institutional anxieties.

Under the presidency of Jason Blavatt, not only will Chizuk Amuno thrive and grow; we will institutionally prosper from his generational familial commitment to reinvigorating what initially established Chizuk Amuno into a legendary synagogue.

Rabbi Shulman spoke about 9/11 and recapped the clergy’s day of involvement in the many diverse sectors at Chizuk Amuno.
Rabbi Wechsler reminisced about the last time she was at Beth’s place. She had attended Shiva for Beth’s mother who happened to be Rabbi Wechsler’s neighbor at one time.
It was striking to me, all evening, that my wife Janice and I are in our 20th year at Chizuk Amuno. Who would have dreamt that those 13 year olds I first taught at Chizuk Amuno are in their 30’s? Some married…some with children of their own.

As many of you know my Monday morning ritual is to travel to New York. This morning is no exception. Today, however, I feel compelled to express publicly to my beloved congregation how much Janice and I feel grateful to all of you who opened your lives, dreams, sadnesses and hearts to us for two decades.

Shana Tova (yet… Once again!)