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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

How Jews See “The Other”

In the spring of 2015 as Baltimore was erupting around us, we began to engage in conversations about ways in which we as a congregation might engage positively with the community around us. We were saddened at what we saw happening in Baltimore City and we felt responsible to take action and not stand idly by. One of the requests at that time was to engage with Jewish text to see how our tradition could inform our behavior especially as regards Jewish attitudes towards those who are different.

In response to that request we will devote some of our Adult Education courses towards Jewish attitudes towards “The Other.” Topics will include: A Vocabulary of Otherness, The Stories We Tell about the Other, Reciprocity and Non-Reciprocity with The Other, How an Insider becomes an Outsider, and Social Interactions with Those Perceived as Different.

Classes will be offered Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, beginning January 19 and Thursday mornings at 10:30am, beginning January 21st. You can register by calling or emailing Doris Tanhoff or 410-476-6400 x.288.