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A Mother’s Undying Love

It has now been a full week, day after day, night after night, that four sons, several angelic Hospice nurses, compassionate assistants, daughters in law, grandchildren and residents have listened attentively to the last breaths of a matriarch.

All four sons are cantors like their late father who passed away five months ago. At her bedside they have now exhausted their beloved fathers repertoire of their mothers favorite songs and prayers as sung by her late and beloved husband of 67 years. They have lovingly retold almost every significant memory of childhood with accompanying laughter and tears unflinchingly as “our beloved Mom” holds on to each breath as conscientiously and rigorously as she humanly can…

Each final breath is a reminder and proof to us that she is as much if not more a Matriarch as Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah…

She is the brave Esther to our father who was as courageous as Mordechai. Our father is already part of the recitation of the patriarchs as his Hebrew name was Yitzchak. Soon our mothers Hebrew name will be added in our hearts when we lead our congregations in prayer.

You see…
Our Mother served as the perfect clergy wife. She attended to our fathers every need, every desire, and every wish that enabled him to selflessly serve his beloved congregations.
Our Mother is the proudest mother there has ever been. She phoned in weekly on Shabbat morning after her Cantor, her beloved husband died and began listening to her son Cantor Josh as he co-officiated at his services… Josh’s voice most matched the melodious baritone quality of her late husband…

Her son Cantor/Rabbi Rick and wife Kit insisted that eight years ago that Rick’s parents move to Rhode Island to live as close as possible. They attended to their daily living with warmth and deep love.

Her son Cantor/Rabbi Eli exaltedly showed his proud mother a replica of his most recent and perhaps the most personally prestigious honor of his entire life; his congregation named the sanctuary the Rabbi Hazzan Eli B Perlman Sanctuary this past Shabbat and he shared it with her on her last day of lucidity.

Her son Cantor Manny has known that everyday of his life since his near death at age eight has been a miracle. God wanted her four sons to know that He personally was sending us a siman, a Divine Sign, that our mother was the miracle behind the miracles with not just our father but with Him the Father of Fathers of all humankind.

In two days Jews throughout the world will observe Tisha B’Av the destruction of both holy Temples.

On Chanukah we remember the oil that lasted for eight days in the Holy Temple.
God thank you for joining with our mother to last for at least eight more days.
My brothers and I are closer than ever before… Now we know why she lasted beyond her mortal time allotment… so that our dear, dear mother would be recognized by God as not only our Matriarch… but a Matriarch and role model for “this generation” of the Jewish people…