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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Syncopation II

A dear friend and highly regarded actor, singer, guitarist and voice over legend, John Warren, image-150x150will be the featured performer at Syncopation II on Sunday April 19th at 4:00PM. John has worked as a “Blue Eyed Soul Singing performer” songwriter and session vocalist all of his life.
John is a Master Teacher of Vocal Technique and stylized singing. I have been fortunate to be at the SoundTrack Studio in New York on several occasions when John is teaching a classical singer how to sound like Stevie Tyler or Richard Marx. His range is elastic and stretches beyond a listeners imagination.

I can promise you that John Warren’s singing will astound and overwhelm you.

Syncopation II will create a Woodstock ambience in the Krieger.

You will hear the Mersey Beats consisting of four talented and versatile musicians:

Dave Winter, an established keyboardist, bandleader and solo performer. He is the leader of the Dave Winter Band. Dave is a veteran versatile performer who can play a wide variety of musical styles. During a recent rehearsal I was amazed at how effortlessly he could recall at will and instantly reproduce the exact opening musical riffs of every classic Rock song.

Thomas Kitchen, a guitarist extraordinaire. His appearances range from Carnival Cruise Lines Tropicana Show Band engagements to his original compositions appearing on PBS’s “The Intersection.” He regularly performs with the The Jazz Hounds and The Redwood Classical Guitar Duo.

Walter Wesley Heber, an accomplished bass player. Walter has been actively playing bass for several years with the Mount Vernon Swing Band. He is currently premiering with the Montgomery Blue Notes.

Jim Deshler, an accomplished drummer. He began playing drums at 12 years of age. One of the first bands he joined was the highly progressive rock group called Opus One.

Henry Kornblatt, trumpeter, is the founder of the evenings Mersey Beats. He has backed up such musicians as Peter Nero, Stanley Cowell and Chris Vadala. For the past several years Henry has performed with the Baltimore Jazz Alliance Big Band.

You will hear the incredible Nova, the lead vocalist for the Uncle Jack Band and the Jazz Caravan. She has shared the stage with Roberta Flack, Regina Belle, Phil Perry, The O’Jays and Al Green.

You will hear Cassandra Kremer, a vocalist from Green Bay, Wisconsin. In addition to being a performer in musical theatre Cassandra works as a voiceover artist and session vocalist.

You will hear my brother, the talented Cantor Josh Perlman, join with me in opening the show with an inspirational song in memory of our dear father, Cantor Ivan Perlman.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet don’t worry…there aren’t any!
I wanted the concert to be free. It’s a gift from me to all of you who have supported my Chizuk Amuno musical dreams for the past 18 years.

Thanks to you we will continue for at least another “twelve and a half years”* to share our love for Chizuk Amuno through shared song and great music…

Yes… I can and will “With a Little Help from my Friends.”

*My grandson Abner’s Bar Mitzvah is in 2027.

Chag Sameach,