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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Sunday the Rabbi Went to the Moon

It was a long flight, but I packed well, hydrated, and made it there and back in time to watch the first quarter of the Ravens game with the Brotherhood.

This past Sunday the Rosenbloom Religious School second graders invited me to go to the moon with them. Their class is called Kochavim (stars) because they are our stars, and because they spend part of their year studying Rosh Hodesh, the beginnings of the Jewish months. Even though it is only the first week of December, our students have already learned about their Hebrew birthdays, the Hebrew months of the year, and the Jewish calendar and its relation to the moon.

To bring that learning into the world around us and then back home, we went on a field trip to the moon. Early this past Sunday we hopped on a yellow school bus and went to the Planetarium at the Maryland Science Center. Parents, teachers and students (and Erica Allen our wonderful leader) followed the moon’s trajectory across the sky, learned the connection between the placement of the Jewish holidays in the month and the moon, and delighted in an up close look at the surface of the moon complete with scars from asteroid hits and frozen lakes.

While kids worked on their own moon projects, parents and I talked about the rhythms of family life and how the Jewish calendar might help us make those rhythms more meaningful for our families. At the end of the morning, students received certificates and moon goody bags which nourished and sustained us on our long flight back to Chizuk Amuno.

Todah Rabbah (thank you) to the Kochavim for inviting me on your trip to the moon. Next time let’s go to Mars!

P.S. A bag of chanukkah gelt goes to anyone who can name the book series upon which the title of this blog is based. Post your answer in the comments.