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What I’m Not Praying for in 5775

What do I pray for in the New Year? It would be easier to answer the opposite question – what don’t I pray for in the New Year?

I don’t pray for an exciting life where everything changes in an instant. I pray for the quiet pleasures of regularity and routine.

I don’t pray for miraculous physical changes. I pray for plain old good health.

I don’t pray that my kids be the top of their class or state champions. I pray for a good, positive school year where they learn and grow in accordance with their abilities.

I don’t pray for a million dollars or to win the lottery. I pray for the means to support my family with integrity and support my community and my people.

I don’t pray for the nicest house on the block. I pray for a year in which I don’t see the police, fire department or ambulance at my home.

I don’t pray for more hours in the day or another day in the week. I pray that I learn to make the best choices with the hours and days that I have.

I don’t pray for constant awareness of God’s presence in my life. I pray for moments and experiences in which I swept up in the mysterium tremendum of life.

I don’t pray for a clean slate. I pray for a slate filled with the chalk dust of earned errors.

I don’t pray for forgiveness. I pray for the strength to request forgiveness on my own and the strength to make the necessary repairs to relationships.

I don’t pray for goodness. I pray that I be good, that my children be good.

I don’t pray for a year free of disappointment. I pray that when disappointment arrives that stability and comfort arrive as well.

I don’t pray for a year without temptation. I pray for courage and will and knowledge of the correct choice.

I don’t pray for peace. I pray that I will work for peace, that I will make small changes to live in peace.

I don’t pray for the future. I pray that there is a future – for the congregation, the Jewish people, for Israel for all of us.

This New Year I pray for me, I pray for you; I pray that I might pray and let the words of my mouth the meditations of my heart be acceptable to God, my Rock and my Redeemer.