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Seeing HaShem in a Grandchild’s eyes made of “Perls”

image-e1411528755375-225x300On Thursday at 5:18 on 9/18 Abner Judah Perlman was born to Bethany and Benjamin Perlman. Janice and I became Bubbie and Zaide and held and beheld God’s Shehina (His Divine Presence) in our arms and overflowing hearts.
Throughout our lives we hear “just wait until you become a grandparent, just wait…”
The waiting is over and your Hazzan in his 18th year as a clergy at Chizuk Amuno is understanding the full power of chai…
May the coming New Year ignite your desire to study Torah and live by its sacred teachings. God is responsive to all of our questions. All of the answers to life are found in the words of Torah and embellished in the Prophets, Mishnah and Gemorah. Our sacred texts are timeless.
God bless Chizuk Amuno Congregation, all of our members and their loved ones with wisdom, health and spiritual growth.
Hazzan Emanuel C. Perlman