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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Yom Ha Atzmaut Wedding

One of the exciting things about the rabbinate is that one never knows what the day will bring. One phone call can change everything.

Several years ago on Yom Ha Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, I was sitting at my desk around noon when I received a call. A couple from the shul whom I knew, was on their way to the court house to get married. They had their marriage license and were all dressed for the occasion, when it occurred to them to try the synagogue and find out if we might accommodate a wedding.

In just a few short hours a ketubah (marriage contract) was found, music was arranged, the huppah was held up, the shul’s photographer was enlisted, and surrounded by clergy, synagogue staff, school teachers, and students we made a wedding.

It was a real community simha. Some of the Kreiger Schechter teachers made a Mazal Tov sign, the 8th graders helped hold the huppah and sang and danced, and Morah Grobani played the violin while the bride walked down the aisle and for the singing and dancing. It was a glorious sunny day in the courtyard.

It was a wonderful educational opportunity for our students to attend a Jewish wedding and to do the mitzvah of me sameyach hattan ve kallah – rejoicing with the bride and groom.

Two days after the wedding I received a letter from the bride thanking the synagogue and Kreiger Schechter for a wedding more perfect than any she could have planned herself.

Hag Sameyach and Happy Anniversary Randi and Yigal – Mazal Tov!