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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

20 Suggestions for Pesah Happiness

  1. anyone who offers to help, let them
  2. repeat after me, dirt is not hametz
  3. once it is cooked, no one can tell the difference between a deckle and a brisket
  4. Barton’s almond kisses
  5. use your grandmother’s dishes
  6. put your shopping list into excel and update yearly
  7. go to seven mile before 10:30am
  8. start early. slow and steady wins the race
  9. give homework to seder attendees
  10. more fruit, less farfel
  11. hol ha moed field trips
  12. keep your dustbuster charged, there will be lots of crumbs
  13. no child ever starved on Pesah from not eating macaroni and cheese
  14. quinoa is your friend
  15. buy an extra dozen eggs, you’ll end up needing them anyway
  16. find one new recipe every year
  17. have a backup afikomen
  18. don’t skip the soup at seder (been there, done that)
  19. when grating horseradish, do it outside
  20. they always run out of Pesahdik chocolate chips, plan accordingly

Hag kasher ve sameyach!!