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Another Day in Pikesville

Add this one to the list of “Only in Pikesville” stories. The location: Dunkin Donuts on Old Court and Reisterstown. The cast of characters: yours truly, a man with a black velvet kippah, four others waiting in line.

A sign was up advertising a new menu item, a pretzel roll. The man with the kippah was intrigued. Asked lots of questions about what it was, what it tasted like before ordering it with butter and an egg. He was so curious that he kept talking about it while waiting at the end of the counter for his order. Yours truly was also waiting for her breakfast and finally chimed in. “Haven’t you ever had a pretzel hallah?” He hadn’t so I suggested that it made a nice occasional change from regular hallah and perhaps his wife could make it for him.

Pretzel roll inquiries completed, one of the other men in line came up him to say that he always wanted to know the meaning of a Hebrew phrase he’d heard – ki va moed. The man explained that it means “the appointed time has come.” He referenced Hol Ha Moed and Passover.

On the way out we all smiled. Would such a conversation have happened at any other Dunkin Donuts in the world? Probably not. But in Baltimore, it’s just another day in Pikesville.

Do you have an “only in Pikesville” story to share?