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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Yom Kippur Reading

Thank you for sharing a wonderful Rosh Hashanah with us. We are so grateful for your singing, your participation, your kind words, and your engaged presence – all of which helped us have such a haimish and wonderful Rosh Hashanah in the Krieger auditorium service.

As I mentioned from the pulpit on Thursday, I’d like to suggest some reading to enhance your Yom Kippur experience. The current issue of Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas, is dedicated to the Avodah service on Yom Kippur. It looks at the notion of Avodah or Service from many different perspectives. It is a terrific read. Especially interesting to me were the articles by Rachel Brodie and Rabbi Jane Kanarek. You can find it online at:

Another resource in preparing yourself for Yom Kippur is an old “friend,” S.Y Agnon’s Days of Awe, an amazing compendium of texts, traditions and stories about these days. I read it each evening of Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat and it was a loving companion in getting in to the spirit of these days and bringing new teachings to mind. You can find it in the shul library, the local library, or Amazon of course.

Larry and I are looking forward to a meaningful Yom Kippur shared with you this coming weekend.

Bonus Question: Many of you have been kind enough to follow up with me about the sermon I gave, “Sacred Expectations.” In it I suggested that if I knew what was “sacred” to your family I would know a lot about you and your values. Anyone willing to share what is “sacred” to their family?