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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Let My People Go

Everybody’s favorite holiday is fast approaching. And lest you think I’m being facetious, ask any Jewish person over the age of 7 (Hanukkah usually wins out until then) and they will tell you how much they love Pesah. That’s true in our family as well. Two out of the three of us adore it; the other one spends the week weeping for pasta.

Our Seder is similar to many of your Sederim in that we assign homework. Everyone attending is asked to participate in telling the story of the Exodus through a particular theme or hook. One year we focused on Israel and asked all attending to take one of the steps of the Seder and tie it to the modern state of Israel. Another year we asked everyone to bring an artifact from their family Exodus story. Last year we asked attendees to use the Arami Oved Avi narrative of “My father was a wandering Aramean” to tell their family’s tale.

This year we will be asking Seder friends to help us tell the story of another Exodus. “Let My people Go” became the rallying cry of the Soviet Jewry movement which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is one of the greatest modern liberation stories and we will spend time at our table looking at different parts of the Hagaddah through the lens of Freedom25. As was done during the decades of oppression, we are asking everyone to bring with them an item that they might have smuggled into Soviet Russia to encourage the Jews there. And then together we will come up with a symbol for Freedom 25 that we could place on the Seder plate.

What homework are you giving to your Seder guests? What will you be discussing?