Today is May 12, 2021 /

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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

And So It Ends

The Hagim that is. Not the 12 inning long post season game. But both felt long, both reached their conclusions leaving us alternately hopeful and in need of a nap.

The white robe has been zipped back into its protective garment bag for another year. The post its have been removed from the Mahzor. The sermons have been filed away for later reference. The last round hallah has been made into French toast and grilled cheese. The etrog peel is steeping in a new batch of vodka for next year’s Etrogtinis. Admittedly, the sukkah is still half standing but if it ever dries out, that too will be dismantled and stored for another year.

There is a sense of relief but also a melancholy that the season with its glory has come to an end. The meals were lavish and decadent and helped extend the joy of the holiday into our homes. The services were haimish and warm and full of old friends, reflection, prayer and laughter. The rainy days of Sukkot didn’t dampen our enthusiasm or enjoyment of the hours outside and the moments of friendship and community.

Todah Rabbah to all of you who helped make our High Holidays so wonderful. From those who set up the chairs (multiple times!) to those who give out the aliyot, to those who cooked for us, to those who attended services, to those who hosted guests for meals, to those who led us in prayer, to those who paraded with lulav and etrog, each of you enhanced our collective experience of this awe filled season and we thank you.

Heshvan, here we come!