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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Six Word High Holiday Memoirs

What a joy it is to have Rabbi Seltzer back with us at Chizuk Amuno in a professional capacity! Though he never stopped being a part of Chizzie, we are truly blessed that he is here once again to guide our congregation’s educational development.

Rabbi Seltzer introduced me to Six Word Memoirs, those brief encapsulations allegedly originating with Ernest Hemingway who was challenged to write a story in six words.

While no Hemingway (his was – For sale: baby shoes, never worn,) I composed several of my own to express the feelings and experiences of the High Holiday season.

Rosh Hashanah

New Year. Old Sins. Trying again.

On my kindle: Book of Life

I don’t believe, Still I’m here.

Brisket waiting, no time to pray.

Ashamnu, Bagadnu. We’re sinning. What’s new?

Wood. Fire. Knife. Where’s the sheep?

Excuse me. You’re in my seat.


The still small voice of repentance.


Fish are happy for many sins.

Yom Kippur

Our Father Our King, I’m hungry.

Oops. Sent out the wrong goat.

The gates are closing, please forgive …


Two plus walls. Feels like Home.

Strong wind should blow it down

Dropped the etrog. Very expensive lemon.

How about you – what would your Six Word Memoir be for the Yamim Noraim?