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Chizuk Amuno Congregation


We welcome you and your family to continue to learn and pray with us each day in ways that we
believe will elevate your search for meaning and deepen your faith.

We also invite you to keep in touch, reach out to us in times of need, and stay informed as
we explore together the challenges and responses to COVID-19 through a Jewish lens.

Although our campus is temporarily closed, our community and all that we are able to
offer at this time remain available and open to you in new and exciting ways. Some of our current offerings are listed below.
May we all enjoy in peace, community, and good health!

What Are You Reading?

At Kiddush this week, someone asked me what I read over the summer. And then at Shabbat lunch someone else asked as well. And then Sunday morning another person asked. I detected a trend. It just so happens that I keep a list (by quarter) so I thought I’d share with you and compare notes.

  1. The Art Of Fielding                           Chad Harbach
  2. Double Take                                        Catherine Coulter
  3. Riding Lessons                                   Sara Gruen
  4. An Available Man                              Hilma Wolitzer
  5. Inside the Large Congregation        Susan Beaumont
  6. Study As Worship Benedict             Thomas Viviano
  7. The Hard Way                                     Lee Child
  8. Ashes to Ashes                                    Tami Hoag
  9. Lone Wolf                                            Jodi Picoult
  10. The Beginner’s Goodbye                  Anne Tyler
  11. In the Garden of Beasts                    Erik Larson
  12. Dinner: A Love Story                        Jenny Rosenstrach
  13. The World Without You                   Joshua Henkin
  14. The Power of Habit                           Charles Duhigg
  15. Come Home                                        Lisa Scottoline
  16. Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake        Anna Quindlen
  17. Nothing to Lose                                  Lee Child
  18. Bad Luck and Trouble                       Lee Child
  19. The Secret Servant                             Daniel Silva
  20. The Confessor                                      Daniel Silva
  21. How Will You measure Your Life?  Clayton Christensen
  22. There But For The                               Ali Smith

Here’s what this list says to me:

  1. I have read more nonfiction this quarter than I have in a long time. Is this because I’m getting older?
  2. Give me a Jack Reacher or Gabriel Allon suspense thriller and I’m a happy gal.
  3. “Chick lit” is not interesting to me right now, even for the beach. Not a single one of these books had a pink cover.

What did you read this summer that you recommend?