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Remembering the Munich 11

Even though it may not help, I signed the petition.

Because I believe that there should be one minute of silence to remember the Munich 11 at tomorrow’s opening ceremony of the summer Olympics. Having read the argument of the International Olympic Committee that a memorial to the Israeli athletes would “politicize” the Olympics I say that argument is the only political thing about such a memorial.

I agree with those who say that despite the many other remembrances around the globe that are held in memory of the Israeli athletes who were murdered in Munich in 1972, Friday evening in London is perhaps the most important time and place for that memorial to actually be held.

Perhaps the many voices calling for a moment of silence will be heard. Regardless, on Friday evening we will remember for a blessing:

David Mark Berger

Ze’ev Friedman

Yossef Gutfreund

Eliezer Halfin

Yossef Romano

Amitzur Shapira

Kehat Shorr

Mark Slavin

Andre Spitzer

Yakov Springer

Moshe Weinberg