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We welcome you and your family to continue to learn and pray with us each day in ways that we
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We also invite you to keep in touch, reach out to us in times of need, and stay informed as
we explore together the challenges and responses to COVID-19 through a Jewish lens.

Although our campus is temporarily closed, our community and all that we are able to
offer at this time remain available and open to you in new and exciting ways. Some of our current offerings are listed below.
May we all enjoy in peace, community, and good health!

Inspiring Love of Israel

I’m worried. How do we inspire a deep and abiding love in Israel in Jews, children and adults both? How do we help diaspora Jews to feel that their destiny is tied up with the destiny of the land of Israel and the people of Israel? I’m worried because I don’t see it happening and I think that it is a fundamental part of Jewish identity.

It’s been on my mind lately because I’ve been watching the videos from the Krieger Schechter 8th grade trip to Israel and am struck by by the students’ love for Israel, for each other, and for KSDS. (P.S. KSDS Parents – watch these videos with your kids! It will get them excited for their own 8th grade trips to Israel in 8, 5, or 2 years) But not everyone is having this wonderful Israel experience and for the majority who are not, we are not doing enough as far as Israel education.

So tell me: What or who inspired your love of eretz Yisrael or am Yisrael and how might we do the same for others?