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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Lost: One Afikomen

It is one of those stories that are just strange enough to be true. It is now Monday morning, about 36 hours since the second Seder and our afikoman is still missing. Halakhically (according to Jewish law) this is a problem. Or at least it would be a problem if we had not set aside two afikomans and found one of them.

The Gemara in Pesahim teaches us that the last thing we eat at the Seder is the afikoman so that we finish the Seder with the taste of matzah still on our lips. This of course is part of the reason all that stealing and ransoming goes on at Seder to ensure that we have an afikoman to eat for dessert. Its source is actually another Gemara in which Rabbi Eliezer says that we grab the matzot so the children will stay awake.

This is pretty close to what happened at our Seder except with an unintended effect. As the adults were finishing our dinner, the children took turns hiding and finding the afikomans around the house. The kids certainly stayed awake – Rabbi Eliezer would be proud. Except that afikoman number one never reappeared. Luckily we ate afikoman number two and were able to finish our Seder.

Maybe it will turn up next year when we are cleaning for Pesah.

Moadim le simhah and a zissen Pesah!