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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Pirkei Rabbanut: Things Rabbi Zaiman Taught Me About the Rabbinate

This Shabbat we are marking the 50th year of Rabbi Zaiman’s ordination as a rabbi. In his honor I’ve come up with some important things that he taught me about the rabbinate. David Letterman might call them a top ten. We might call them Pirkei Rabbanut, Teachings of the Rabbinate.

He’ll likely never see them since blogging is not his thing. But as he will tell you (and much to his dismay) I tend to do what I want regardless. So here goes.

  1. Rav she mochel et kevodo, kevodo machul. A rabbi who surrenders her dignity, her dignity is lost
  2. Have many rabbis for myself
  3. Treat and trust my colleagues like family
  4. Occupy space
  5. Always knock before walking into the Robing Room
  6. Build something
  7. It’s your (the congregation’s) shul, not mine
  8. Real achievement deserves real praise
  9. Be smart, be kind, be beautiful, be compassionate, be authentic, be open
  10. The pulpit rabbinate is the most extraordinary, exciting, engaging, blessed “job”

Mazal Tov and thank you.