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Jewish Things to Do With an Extra Day

How many times have you said wistfully, “If only there was more time in the day? If only there was one more day in the week?

Well through the magic of the Gregorian calendar, your wish has finally come true. Every four years we get an extra day to do with as we please.

Our KSDS students will dress down that day. Our Hazzan will celebrate his anniversary to his lovely wife Janice.

What are the rest of us to do? Here are a few suggestions for Jewish things to do with an extra day:

  1. Make Mishloah Manot. Purim is in a week, use February 29th to bake your hamatashen and pack bags of treats for friends and neighbors.
  2. Learn one Jewish text about the calendar, such Mishnah Megillah 1:1-2
  3. Have everyone in the family choose an extra mitzvah to do
  4. Create an original family ritual for Leap Day and make new memories for your children
  5. Plant parsley to grow in time for Passover
  6. Invite a family to your home for a Shabbat meal (you have an extra 24 hours to cook and set the table)

What are you planning for February 29, 2012?