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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

The Way the Jewish World is Changing

“May you live in interesting times.” Often thought of as a curse, in can also be seen as a blessing. Our world is interesting and complicated. As Jews, the modern world we live in would be virtually unrecognizable to our grandparents. What is fascinating is the way we as Jews choose to confront and then wrestle with the changing world in which we live.

After the new year, I’ll be teaching a class on Wednesdays from 12:15pm-1pm on

The Way the Jewish World is Changing

In it we will explore the way Judaism responds to modern concerns. We will read together the she’elot u teshuvot (Responsa) of our Conservative movement on topics include the ransoming of captives, reciting Kiddush in outer space, requiring parents to immunize their children, and telling the truth to terminal patients. Texts will be provided in both English and Hebrew so all students are welcome.

If you live or work near Chizuk Amuno I hope you’ll join me on your Wednesday lunch hours from January 11th –April 4th. Please respond to me or to Doris in the Stulman Center office to let us know to expect you.