Today is March 7, 2021 /

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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

And the Winner is …

… the vegetarian chili made by the Jewish National Fund all female team. They eked out a win over the beef chili made by the all male Brotherhood team by a narrow $3 margin. The Chili cookoff raised over $150 in tzedakah which was donated to the Kosher Food Pantry.

This past Sunday we had a wonderful day at Keftivus. Full of mitzvot, music, delicious food, and even a Ravens win. Through Blue Water Baltimore we were able to give away 35 trees to families who wanted to plant and increase the tree cover in Baltimore. We made spin art cards to be given to our congregants who are convalescing from illnesses. We sang along with Two of a Kind and some special guests. We ate hundreds of burgers and hot dogs all cooked by the Brotherhood’s wonderful chefs. We played Bingo. We bentsched lulav in the Sukkot. We saw old friends and made new ones.

Thanks to all who came and made the day so special.