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Your Sermon Input Needed

One of the joys (yes, joys) of the summer is spending much time developing sermons for the coming High Holidays and the year ahead. For the past several years I have sent out an email request to friends and family soliciting their thoughts. This blog seems like the ideal place to broaden the conversation and invite you to share with me your thoughts, needs and requests for sermons.

In case it’s helpful, feel free to respond to these questions in formulating your sermon ideas:

1. Are there issues facing our world today about which you feel it might be helpful to hear a sermon – seeking to understand how Judaism might respond to the particular issue?

2. Are there topics or issues you wish would be addressed in a sermon that would respond to a personal struggle?

3. What parts of the High Holidays, Torah, or Jewish life would you like to hear addressed – perhaps questions you have about faith, or aspects of Jewish life with which you struggle?

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.