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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

The Jewish Yale A Cappella Group at CAC

Please join us at Chizuk Amuno on Sunday March 13th aMagevet-150x150t 11:30AM as we welcome Magevet, a Jewish, Hebrew and Israeli a cappella group from Yale University. All of its members are undergrads devoted to spreading beautiful music of the Jewish tradition to the far corners of the globe.

Magevet was founded in 1993 and has since entertained audiences the world over with its delightful music. The Magevet repertoire is extremely diverse, spanning from liturgical Renaissance arrangements to the folk melodies of the Abayudaya tribe – and everything in-between. Most of their music has been arranged by current or former members of the group, and so their performances always include a combination of old and new, near and far, and more than a modicum of humor!

Magevet regularly travels nationally and internationally. They undertake two major tours and numerous mini-tours per year. Recently, their major tours have brought them to South Florida,Amsterdam, Paris, London, Memphis and New Orleans, and their mini-tours reach out to local areas from Boston to Philadelphia.

Our own Rebecca Suldan is a member of this talented group. She has invited me to sing a rarely performed piece composed by the legendary Franz Schubert. He was among the first of the Romantics, and the composer who, more than any other, brought the art song (lied) to artistic maturity. During his short but prolific career, he created masterpieces in nearly every genre, including Psalm 92 in Hebrew!