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Jew Vs. Jew in NYC starring Hazzan Perlman

Hazzan Perlman is starring in a new musical that is being reviewed and assessed by Broadway producers and directors next month at a showing in New York City. He will be performing the role of “vaht else” but “de” Hazzan of a shul in Upstate New York.

“Kimber Road: Jew vs. Jew” is described as “a serious musical comedy with a mission.” Aside from entertaining, its purpose is to narrow the gulf between extremists of all faiths.
The following article appeared in The New York Jewish Week after the first showing of Jew vs. Jew: Click here: Jew vs. Jew, The Musical | The Jewish Week

If you are interested in attending the show on Thursday, February 10th in NYC please leave your name and contact information with Doris Tanhoff at ext 222 or email her at Admission is only $10.00. “Nu vaht are you vaiting for” … a personal invitation!

Shabbat Shalom!