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When God Calls You

God asks Abraham where he is?

In Calling out to him, God wants to know, “Abraham – where are you?

Abraham responds quickly and firmly, “vayomer hineni” – and he said, “Here I am.” Initially it seems to be a simple answer to a simple question. God Asks: “Where are you?” and Abraham says, “Here I am.

But it is not so simple.

Our Biblical heroes are the very characters whose lives shaped ours. Abraham is called to offer his much beloved son on an alter, Moses is called from within the burning bush and chosen as the leader of the Israelites; the prophet Isaiah is called to prophecy. They all have the same answer: “Hineni.”

They answered God’s Call with an acknowledgement of their own presence and of God’s Presence.


During Yom Kippur services imagine God Calling out not just to Abraham, Moses and Isaiah, but also contemplate God Calling out to you the reader of this column.

Be prepared through prayer and fasting so that you too will answer:

HINENI… Here I am…