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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

If These Walls Could Sing

Chizuk-Amuno-Archives-0411-150x150Friday Night October 29th the Chizuk Amuno Sanctuary’s walls will release its memories and sing in harmony melodies that have been sung by previous Hazzanim, choirs, grandparents, great-grandparents and even great-great-grandparents.

A recent article (September 8, 2010) in the New York Times states, ” The Jews tend to have a deep appreciation, for example, for great cantorial singing and many synagogues have fine choirs. It’s also true that many distinguished Jewish composers have set liturgical texts to music – the names Darius Milhaud, Mario Castelnuovo-Tesdesco and HUGO WEISGAL (caps added) come quickly to mind and there’s no diminishing their accomplishments or contributions.”

Hugo Weisgal was a former Choir Director at Chizuk Amuno and the son of our esteemed Hazzan Abba Weisgal. We have a revered and treasured history to uphold and permanently maintain at Chizuk Amuno, a legacy that is still (in 2010) quoted in an article about Jewish Music in the New York Times!

The Chizuk Amuno Professional Choir will chant Hazzan Wesigal’s Hashkeveinu, V’Shamru and Yigdal as well as other beloved “classic” timeless, melodies.

Please mark your calendars.

Hazzan Emanuel C. Perlman