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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Communities and Individuals

Community, community, community. That’s what we talk about these days. It’s right that we should talk about community as we prepare to gather in the largest numbers of the year.

As we try to “craft” a tefillah experience that is meaningful for all of us in the Krieger Auditorium, I am wrestling with the two poles of the needs of the community and the needs of individuals. Actually I’ve been wrestling with it for years, as some of you may remember from my “Synagogue Goers Bill of Rights.”

It seems to me that each has obligations to the other. The community must be responsible to the individual and the individual must be responsible to the community.

As it applies to our upcoming holiday prayer services:

  • What does the community have a right to ask of you?
  • What do you have a right to ask of the community?