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Weighing Your Words

We have become a culture of imposed sound bites and trivializing commercials. Word choices especially adjectives can be misleading and misrepresent the reality of the topic.

When a friend or acquaintance loses a lot of weight we wonder to ourselves whether the dramatic loss was voluntary or due to has v’halilah health reasons.

After a time it becomes apparent what verbal diet an editorialist, writer or speaker is on. You can with very few exceptions anticipate what side of the issue the individual will take. Just compare Fox News to MSNBC.

Especially during Elul we weigh our words.
Words should be like honey that drip pearls of wisdom and teachings from our lips.
We are told to weigh our words like we were standing before a judge.
Together let us remember that the music of the High Holiday period was composed to invoke awe not fear, majesty not mourning. Three days a year we publicly hold a Mahzor in our hands with all of our might, with all of our soul, and with all of our heart. The melodies are there to assist us in listening to what is contained in the sacred words. To make the holy words come alive and establish the meaning of our faith inside the core of our being, again and again, year after year, from birth until death.

When the sacred moment in the service to join in with a familiar melody like Zachreynu L’chaim begins turn your heart and soul on “full presence.”

Just having the opportunity to sing about “asking us be remembered for life” is more than a human being should expect. Count on and bless each moment. Weigh each word and your verbal diet will keep you honest with yourself and your spiritual needs.

Who knows you may even lose weight.