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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Shanah Tovah from Iceland


That’s where my thoughts went in preparing for the New Year. Over the summer as I prepared my annual greeting for those who attend services with me in the Krieger Auditorium I turned to Iceland. It was news to me, but apparently Iceland has a long tradition of ceremonies for inhabiting a new home and those rituals seemed particularly appropriate for entering a new year as well.

So I asked congregants to consider the three elements of those ceremonies (taking significant objects from the old to the new, marking the borders of the new space, and dedicating the new space to God) and apply them to Rosh Hashanah.

1 – What meaningful things from this past year do you wish to bring with you into the New Year?

2 – How will you mark the beginning and ending and other borders of the New Year and claim it as your own?

3 – In what way will you dedicate this New Year to God?

A few families were kind enough to share their responses with me and I was touched at the thought of these discussions taking place around the dinner table in preparation for the New Year.

How do you answer the questions?